Autonomous Vehicles are here: Now's the time to fight for safer streets!

What do you think your community will look like in 2040? We believe it's imperative that we leave the next generation a nation where people can safely and comfortably bicycle to where they want to go. We envision a nation of connected, healthy, and vibrant communities where bicycling is a safe, appealing and comfortable option for transportation and recreation.

By supporting the League, you're advancing our sustained and credible advocacy for bicyclists on Capitol Hill. At every level of government, we're working hard to protect your right to ride, safely and conveniently. Right now, we're:

  • Urging elected officials to use an Autonomous Vehicle 'Vision Test' to ensure bicyclist and pedestrian safety in light of this exciting new technology. In many cities, AV's are already here! Send a message to your senators now!
  • Working with local groups in all areas of the country to pass bike-forward bills in their communities, as well as initiatives like the Bike Commuter Benefit and TIGER funding here in Washington.
  • Lobbying over half of congress in favor of bicycling each year at the National Bike Summit.

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