Roll On 2019!

We envision a nation of connected, healthy, and vibrant communities where bicycling is a safe, appealing and comfortable option for transportation and recreation.

By supporting the League with a tax-deductible gift, you're advancing our bike-boosting programming at the federal, state and local levels. With your help, we'll make a real impact for bicycilng, including:

  • Smart Cycling: Training 500 League Cycling Instructors each year, equipping cyclists of all ages with the skill and confidence to make bicycling a part of their everyday lifestyle. In 2019, we're rolling out our new instructor peer-learning tool!
  • Federal Advocacy:¬†Activating our network of 200,000 bike advocates, ensuring that the interests of bicyclists are heard on Capitol Hill. The League has taken the lead in advocating for common-sense regulation for Autonomous Vehicle testing.
  • Bicycle Friendly America: Enriching cities, towns, universities and businesses with the guideposts and customized tools to make their communities better for bicycling, from coast to coast. 2018¬†saw record levels of engagement in our flagship program, reaching 1,400 businesses, 400 communities, and 150 Universities!

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