America Needs SAFE Streets!

By supporting the League with a tax-deductible gift, you're actively building a coalition around bicycling on Capitol Hill. Help us in the fight for safety and dignity for America's vulnerable road users.

Already this year, the League has centered the needs of people who bike, walk, and use wheelchairs through several measures:

  • Offering expert testimony about bicyclists' safety before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
  • Building support to pass the COMMUTE Act, putting more data about bicycling in the hands of city planners, and the Bicycle Commuter Act, reinstating and expanding tax benefits for bicycle commuters
  • Promoting the Transportation Alternatives Enhancement Act, which would mark a major increase in funding available to bicycling and walking infrastructure projects
  • Developing the SAFE Streets Act, to increase the equity of state's spending on road safety
    • Nationwide, people who were bicycling, walking, or using a wheelchair account for roughly 18% of all traffic fatalities. However, states spend less than 1% of their federal safety funds building safer places for biking and walking. The SAFE Streets Act requires states to spend more where people like us are most in-danger.
Support the League with a gift of at least $100, and we'll send you a set of our new limited-edition lapel pins, just to say 'Thanks' for your commitment for better bicycling for everyone!
For information on planned giving, you'll find details here.

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