League of American Bicyclists | Bikes Unite! Join Us to Advance Safe Streets and Connected Communities!

Bikes Unite! Join Us to Advance Safe Streets and Connected Communities!

Let's make biking better for all Americans. Because right now, biking is quite literally a lifeline for so many of us—whether it’s the primary way we commute to essential jobs, the way we relieve stress and decompress after being cooped up in our homes, or the way our kids get much-needed exercise when schools are closed and so many other options are off of the table.

Be part of our movement to ensure people can always get around safely by bike. We believe everyone should have a right to "Bike There," wherever that "there" may be. We do that by enriching communities, businesses and universities through our Bicycle Friendly America program; educating thousands of adults and kids on Smart Cycling via our League Cycling Instructors; and working directly with Congress, building a coalition of support for bicycle transportation, recreation, and safe streets.

We know bikes unite us, even as we are so physically separated. It is easy to feel isolated today, yet each of us is connected through our bike community. Each of our individual actions make a difference. Join the League today and join our movement to ensure the future is brighter in no small part because of biking. 

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