League of American Bicyclists | Bicycling is for Everyone: EVERYBODY, EVERYBIKE!

Bicycling is for Everyone: EVERYBODY, EVERYBIKE!

The Bike Boom has showed more Americans #bikejoy than ever before - people of all walks of life on every type of bike. Here at the League, it's our objective to share the love of bikes with all Americans. And just like the riders of the Bike Boom, our movement for safe streets and resilient communities relies on people of all backgrounds to pedal together and demand better. 

Join the League this spring and we’ll send you our new limited edition EVERYBODY EVERYBIKE shirt or neck gaiter!

Already this spring, more than 1,100 bike advocates and enthusiasts from all 50 states gathered for the National Bike Summit. Together, we learned from our local successes, heard from important voices for cycling on Capitol Hill (including our very own USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg), and met with our elected officials to ask for additional funding for Transportation Alternatives as well as Complete Streets.

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